SZR METGAL exists more than 25 years. We are machining on CNC and conventional machines. For the construction and programming of machine parts we are using modern CAD ​​/ CAM programs.

For several years we have worked for clients in Germany and Slovenia, which is proof of our quality, meeting deadlines and prices.

In close conjunction with our subcontractors, we can produce a wide range of positions that require casting, heat treating, grinding ...


We don't have regular product range, but we operate on the principle of rapid response to customer demand. Among other things, we are developing tools for punching sheet metal, plastic molding and non-ferrous metal production and service parts and complicated form of tools.

In addition to individual production work and services, we provide serial production on CNC machines and automatic lathes.

With the machining work we are doing welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum with TIG and MIG / MAG process.